Fatty Alcohols
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  Lauryl Alcohol   Cetyl Alcohol
  Ginol 12 (98%)                                                           MSDS   Ginol 16 (95%)                                                             MSDS
  Ginol 12 (99%)                                                           MSDS   Ginol 16 (98%)                                                             MSDS
  Ginol 1214                                                                  MSDS   Ginol 16 (99%)                                                             MSDS
  Ginol 1214(S)                                                             MSDS  
  Ginol 1218  
  Ginol EW 6820  
  Ginonic CSA 20  
  Ginodet 427 EU  
  Stearyl Alcohol   Cetostearyl Alcohol
  Ginol 18 (95%)                                                           MSDS   Ginol 1618-PC                                                              MSDS
  Ginol 18 (98%)                                                           MSDS   Ginol 1618 50:50                                                         MSDS
  Ginol 18 (99%)                                                           MSDS   Ginol 1618-TA                                                              MSDS
    Ginol 1618 60:40
  Behenyl Alcohol  
  Ginol 1822                                                                  MSDS  
  Ginol 22                                                                      MSDS  
  Emulsifying Wax  
  Ginol EW 6820                                                              
Major applications of fatty alcohol and its derivatives
  Application   Segment   Used in the form of   End Use   Category
  Personal care   Alcohol   Creams, lotions, hair products,   skin products   Conditioners, thickeners,
  superfatting agents, emollients,   viscosity builders, sheen agents
    Alcohol ethoxylates   Creams, shampoos, hair
  products, skin products,
  shaving products, bath oils,
  lotions, perfumed products
  Conditioners, thickeners,super-
  fatting agents, emollients,
  viscosity builders, sheen agents,   gelling agents, solubilisers,   dispersants, emulsifiers
    Quaternary ammonium salts,   amine oxides, fatty amines    Cleansing creams, lotions, hair   products, rinses, shampoos,   medicated cosmetics   Conditioners, thickeners,
  viscosity builders,
  antistatic agents
    Esters   Bath products, lipsticks, make-up   products, sunscreen agents   Gloss enhancers, carriers,   solubilisers,thickeners
  Household Detergents   Alcohol   Powders and liquid products,   fabric softeners   Foam controller, antistatic agent,   emollient, opacifier
    Alcohol sulfates and alcohol   ether sulfates (Alcohol   ethoxysulphates)   Laundry powders, light and heavy   duty dishwashing, liquid   detergents   Surfactants, softeners, wetting   agents, dispersants
    Alcohol ethoxylates   Laundry powders, light and heavy   duty dishwashing, liquid   detergents   Surfactants, softeners, wetting   agents, dispersants, emulsifiers
    Quaternary ammonium salts,   fatty amines, amine oxide   Laundry products, wool washing   Softeners, antistatic, foam   stabiliser
  Industrial and   hard-surface cleaning   Alcohol sulfates, ether sulfates   (ethoxysulfates)   Floor, toilet, metal, bottle and   scouring cleaners   Foam controllers, wetting agents,   dispersants, surfactants
    Fatty amines, amine oxide,   quaternary ammonium salts   Floor, toilet, metal, bottle and   scouring cleaners   Germicidal disinfectants
  Other industrial use   Alcohol / alcohol ethoxylates /   quaternary ammonium salts   Textiles   Softeners, antistatic, spin   preparations
      Leather   Foam control, leveling agents
      Paper   Surface tension controllers,
  de- foamers, de-inking
      Polymers and plastics   Lubricant additives,   polymerisation auxillaries,   antistatic agents, antioxidants,   plasticisers, foam stabilizers
      Metal working / cutting oils   Coupling agent, rolling oils,   hydraulic oils, anticorrosion   agents
      Crude petroleum oil and lubricant   oils   Pour-point depressants
      Water treatment and water   Preservation   Bacteriostat, water evaporation   retardant
      Pharmaceuticals   Deodorant, depilatories,   ointments
      Processed foods   Emulsifiers
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